Sunday, April 27, 2008

Final Score Blue - 3, Pink - 1

Well, after a scary day on Wed and Dr. visit on Thursday we found out that we are having another BOY!!! I never pictured myself raising 3 boys, but then again I never thought I would have 4 kids. Baby Boy Arwood #3 looks great and is measuring a few days ahead. After seeing more than one ultrasound of baby boys Nate and I were able to tell it was a boy before the ultrasound tech even said anything! She did confirm what we already knew and said it was another boy. We had to come home and break the news to Jessi, who was not too excited about it at first. She seems to be warming up to the idea. I have told her how special being the only girl in a family of boys will be. I made some promises about never having to share a room, shopping, pedicures, dance classes, lots of shoes, and horseback riding lessons that I hope she forgets about! All I know is that she is destined to spend many, many hours at ball fields! Jonathan was thrilled it was a boy and had several name suggestions. He is really into Star Wars right now and he knows the name has to start with a J so he thought "Jubacca" would be a great name. We had to explain it was actually pronounced "Chewbacca" so that would not work. He said "ok, let's name him Jedi then." Not sure how we are going to get out of that one yet!

We are just thankful for a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy. I have been on bed rest since Thursday and as long as everything is good I can go back to a somewhat normal routine tomorrow. Jase is walking more and more everyday and I told him that his days of being carried are over! At least for the next week I will not be lifting him anymore than necessary.

Have a good week!

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