Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My first quick post! We are recovering from spring break and a fun trip to the mountains. The kids had a blast having a picnic in the "backcountry", playing in the river, swimming in the hot tub and playing putt putt. The picture with Jonathan, Micah and Jessi was before putt putt when they got to take a break and have a cherry icee. Jonathan said that was his favorite part of the trip!
Jase is recovering from a sinus infection and a hand, foot and mouth virus. Jase is practicing walking by taking a couple small steps, but hasn't gotten the nerve to just go for it! He turned 14 mos yesterday, so he is officially a "late" walker! He does not seem concerned by it. He is too busy learning to talk. His newest sayings are "oh wow", "dadie"(sadie, the dogs name) and counting! We say one and he says "dooo". Its cute, I think he learned it from having his picture taken so much and us saying "ok, one, two, three smile". And then of course his first sentence "Hey doodle!." He has been saying that for about 6 wks. I always say that when I go to get him up in the morning and one day when I went in his room he was sitting up and he said "Hey do-do!" I was shocked! He says it to everyone now, even people he sees on TV.

We have our big ultrasound scheduled for May 28 with the perinatologist. Guess we will find out if I will be raising 3 boys or if the score will be evened out with another girl. I have no idea either way! I just know that Jessi will be devastated if it is another boy! She said if it is a boy we can just dress him in girl clothes!

Enjoy the pics from the trip!

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B&G said...

Hi, Heather,

Got your blog. Neat!! Enjoyed the pics - the kids look like they have grown since the shower. I agree that Malachi is a doll, just like the rest of my great-grandkids (grandkids too). Look forward to keeping up with your blog.

Love to all,