Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Breakfast with Santa

Every year Jonathan's school has a breakfast with Santa where you can get your pic made with Santa, make some crafts, oh yeah, and have breakfast. Well this year we made quite a scene! We had just gotten there and had the two youngest in the double stroller. I had taken the big kids across the cafeteria to the cookie decorating station. Now keep in mind the cafeteria was very crowded and LOUD! While I was getting the kids seated I heard Justin's monitor go off. I looked across the cafeteria and saw Nate get up and start to mess with Justin. I expected the alarm to stop any second. Well, it just kept going and going and going. . . After about 10 to 12 sec I started walking toward them. Another lady got to Nate before I did, and it turns out she was a respiratory therapist and "recognized" the sound. By the time I got to him the alarm stopped. Seriously, it was his longest alarm ever!! Remember, the alarm won't stop until you fix the problem with the baby. Normally some mild stimulation usually gets him going, but not this time! Nate said that Justin was very pale and moving his head from side to side. Nate rubbed Justin's face and chest, and was in the process of unbuckling him when the alarm stopped. Once the alarm stopped and I looked around I could tell everyone around was looking at us. Oh well, I made no apologies!!! Justin seemed fine afterward. Once he got woken up enough he was looking at us like "what, did I do that?"

So here are a few pic of the day. Jase just LOVED Santa, not!
Jase with his Santa hat, right before the big alarm.
Poor Jase, why do we do this to our kids!
Jase was begging to be rescued!
The kids asked for all kinds of things from Santa. You know, things they hadn't put on the original list, things that santa can't get now. We are going back over the original list and reminding them how much they wanted those things!

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Ang and Ben said...

I cannot describe my excitement this morning when I saw there was an update to Arwood Adventures!! Love the pics with kids and Santa, poor Jase. And Justin is precious in the blue outfit. I guess we'll see you all again in a week! Can't wait!