Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Justin at 11 wks

I took a few (about 75) pics of Justin. I was trying out my new photo backdrops and wanted to get a pic of Justin in the blue outfit. The little blue outfit is the same one that Jonathan and Jase wore for their first pictures at about this same age. Justin is getting big! At his last appt he weighed 10 lb 2 oz. I sing a little song to him. "Chunky man, chunky man, what are they feeding you." And yes, it is to the tune of "Smelly cat"!!
Little man in his "hand me down" outfit!
His hair looks so red in this picture! Its so cute! Jase's hair also looked red at this age, then changed to brown. I wonder what Justin's will do?!?
Sweet baby face! I could just eat him up!
Cutest feet ever, and I don't like feet!
Holding Mommy's thumb.
We are so blessed to have Justin in our lives! Alarms and all!

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