Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jonathan's Art Contest

As you may know, Jonathan LOVES to draw. He has since he was about 2 yrs old. This year he decided to enter the Paulding County School District art contest. He worked really hard on his drawing. He is somewhat of a perfectionist, so he had a lot of crumpled up papers that he "messed up" before he finally had a drawing he was satisfied with. Then he colored it using the oil pastels we bought for him. He was really proud of his work! When we went to the art show we found out that he won 1st place in the K-2 division! I was so proud of him. He got a medal and a certificate. Then we found out he would be invited to attend the April PCSD board meeting to be recognized and receive a $25 dollar check as his prize. So, all the family packed into the county office for the board meeting. Only Nate and I made it into the actual room where the meeting was held. Nana, Papa, Granna, and Micah and the other Arwood kids had to stand in the lobby because it was so crowded. Jonathan had a great time and was very proud to get his money and shake the board members hands. His artwork was framed and will be on display in the county office for the next year. Way to go Jonathan!!
Now we have to go shopping so he can spend his money before it burns a hole in his pocket!

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Katie Reeder said...

Way to go, Jonathan!