Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shell Island 2007

Here is a video of our Shell Island trip last year in Florida. I know it's not recent but since we are leaving for vacation in 3 1/2 wks I thought I would refresh our memory. This is why we will NOT be going back to Shell Island this year!!


PapaD said...

I will never for the rest of my natural life be going to Shell Island. I have made the trip once in my life (not last year because I was blessed to be able to keep Jase), but the trip I did make was many years ago and just as miserable. I made a vow to God that I would never again set foot on that God forsaken island, and I won't. I hope my grandchildren never have to experience that again… Please!!!!

Love to all,

Trinity Chapel 11:00 a.m. Discipleship Class said...

Papa D, haven't you learned never to say never?? The trip wasn't that bad. The boat ride to the island was fun, and the trip back showed us a few dolphins and a beautiful sunset. The middle part of the trip was the problem. I may give Shell Island another chance. . .many years from now.
Love, Nana Sue

Heather said...

Nana Sue, You will be giving Shell Island another chance by yourself. I don't think anyone else can ever be convinced to go back.