Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Night in the ER

Well, things never stay quiet for long around here. What started as a relaxing Friday night hanging out at the Plimpton's pool turned into a 4 1/2 hr visit to the Childrens ER at Kennestone. We went to Marc and Jess's for dinner (great ribs Jess!, thanks again) and then went to let the kids swim. Jonathan and Micah had been jumping off the diving board and swimming to the side. Somehow Jonathan "slipped" and started to fall off the diving board so he tried to grab onto the side of the pool and hit his chin. I didn't see it happen, but as soon as I looked at him I knew he had split his chin open. He just had "that look" on his face, he wasn't crying but he looked like he was shocked. Rachel swam to him and helped him get to the ladder and I helped get him out. Sure enough he had an L shaped (or a Y with one side being very short) laceration on his chin. It was about an inch long and obviously needed stitches! So, after the usual chaos and confusion surrounding most things that happen in our family, we were all dressed and back in the car heading home. Nate stayed with the kids at home and Dad and Krista went with me and Jonathan to the hospital. I asked the Dr that he be given some type of sedative for the lac repair. So we got to watch Jonathan lay on the hospital bed and talk and reach out to things that only he could see. We weren't laughing at him, we were laughing with him!! Anyway, the sedative worked great and Jonathan did a great job. He just chilled out listening to his ipod while the doctor put in 7 stitches. We got home around 3am and finally by about 4:30 am my anxiety decreased enough that I was able to go to sleep. I was just thinking: Jonathan is almost 6 and has had 2 sets of stitches, Jase is not 16 mos yet and Justin hasn't even been born yet. Jase likes to climb, Justin will want to keep up with Jase. Jonathan has started playing sports now. Using that information I was trying to figure out how many ER visits I should plan to make over the next 18 yrs!?!? Any ideas?! God, give me strength!!!

Here is a picture of Jonathan's chin after the stiches. We have one from before the stitches were put in but I thought I would spare everyone the bloody pics!!
It looks much better now than it does in the pic!


Kim said...

About the # of Er visits you will be making, with 3 boys & 1 girl. You forgot to mention, that Jessi has also had 2 broken bones. So with this info I would estimate you going to the ER at least 12 more times. And that is just injury visits. That doesn't include the food poisoning case that at least 1 member of every family gets. And if Jessi goes back for an injury visit, I'm sure it will be due to one of the boys. Remember, I'm the only girl in my family. But maybe by some miracle you won't have to see the inside of an ER again. I'll pray the latter for you.

Kelli said...

Poor Jonathan! I hope he's o.k. He's a trooper. I hope everyone is doing well. I love you all!