Monday, July 14, 2008

Home from the Beach!!

We are home from an awesome week at the beach. The weather was perfect. The house we stayed in was perfect. The pool was perfect. The kids were per . . . , ok I won't get carried away!! Actually the kids were very good and they had a great time as well. We all enjoyed our time together playing in the fountains, going to the beach, swimming in the pool, going to Capt. Andersons (awesome as usual), playing games into the night and just hanging out. The kids said one of their favorite things was staying with Ms. Lisa, the nanny who came while we went out to Capt. Andersons. They want to go back to Florida so I can call Ms. Lisa and have her babysit again!! Go figure! As I was unpacking I was thinking you know you had a good trip when the big bag of meds that you packed for the kids never had to be opened! The only thing we had to use were some bandaids because of all the raw toes from playing for hours on end in the pool. We had several bleeding toes! I think by Friday Jonathan had bandaids on about 6 of his 10 toes!

Well, now we are back home and mostly settled in. I did have to take Jessi to the doctor today for a case of swimmers ear. I think with 5 kids on vacation and the amount of time they spent in the pool it is amazing that only one of them came home with an earache! Nate goes back to work tomorrow and I may take the kids to the pool. Only 5 wks until school starts and it won't be long after that when Justin arrives. I figure I have a good 10 wks to prepare for him. It will be here before I am ready (mentally that is) I'm sure! Feels like the summer is already starting to wind down, bummer.

Here are a few of my favorite pics from the week!

I have no idea why the first paragraph is underlined! I did't try to do it and now I can't undo it. Oh well.

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