Thursday, July 24, 2008

"What is wrong with ya'll?"

Yes, this is an actual comment that someone made this week in regards to my family!! Maybe its the pregnant hormones combined with the intense July heat, but I almost took her head off! I had taken Jonathan and Jessi to the dentist for a cleaning. When we were checking out the lady at the check out desk was talking to the kids. She then leaned around so she could see Jase and she asked how old he was. I said "17 months". That is when she looked at my belly and made a face and said "What is wrong with ya'll?!?" I just stood there with my mouth open staring at her! I was just shocked that someone would actually make a comment like that. It took me a few minutes to recover from the comment and gather my things and leave. I wish I had thought quick enough to say, "Nothing is wrong with us, obviously all our "parts" are working just fine!"

Some people. It amazes me that people think just because they have an opinion that others want to hear it. Anyway, I haven't been able to get this comment from this less than intelligent women out of my head. The truth is we don't see our family size as anything "wrong" with us. We see it as a great responsibility and a blessing to be allowed to be a part of the lives of these four children, and we take it very seriously!

Ok, I am done with my little rant for now!


Ang and Ben said...

It's amazing how other people feel free to comment on your life. I get the same reaction when I tell people we're not ready for kids yet!! People look at me like I'm some inhuman baby hating freak. So, I guess you either have too many children or not enough! You should tell that woman next time that anyone who makes kids as beautiful as you and Nate do should just keep having them!

Kim said...

SOME PEOPLE! I'm seriously thinking about driving over & having a talk with this uuuummmmmm (trying to think of the word) person/employee. She is definately NO lady. She won't even know what hit her when I get done. Let me know which one she is, I already know the office.
See ya soon!