Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fever of 105.8!!!

Poor Baby Jase! I am not one to get nervous about a fever, but I have to say that pushing 106 is a little scary! A fever of 105.8 is the highest that any of my kids have had, both Jessi and Jonathan have hit the 105 mark. The scary part was that he had had motrin less than 4 hrs before, so who knows what his temp could have gone up to. I had taken him to the doctor that morning where they did a CBC and his white cell count was normal so I knew there was no point in taking him to the ER. So we just got him in the tub, and gave him some cold fluids and some Tylenol. After about 30 min I went ahead and gave him Motrin even though it was a little early for it. With all of that and about 30 min in the tub I got the fever down to 105, which I felt a little more comfortable with. I never got the fever below 104.4 for the rest of the night. Talk about being exhausted!! All night long every little moan or cry he made I was up and in his room checking his temp and pushing fluids. He was sooooo miserable! But, just like clock work we hit the 7 day mark and the fever just disappeared, typical virus. I've been waiting for a rash to show up now that the fever is gone but so far nothing. I added a pic of him in the tub when he had the fever. Poor baby!

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