Monday, October 20, 2008

Why they don't let 6 yr olds vote . . .

When Jonathan got home from school today I noticed that he had an "I voted" sticker on his shirt. I figured that his school must have had a mock election so I decided to ask him about it. This is how the conversation went:

"Jonathan, did you vote today at school?"


"Who did you vote for?"

"I can't tell you."

"Well, can you tell me what the vote was for. Tell me what you were picking something for?"

"We were picking the two new princes."

"Oh, (trying to hide my smile). Who were your choices for who was going to be the new prince?"

"The first one is John..., John McWilliams."

"John McWilliams? And who was the other one?"

"I can't remember his name, its something like. . . Obama. Yea, it was Obama."

"So which one did you vote for?"


"Why did you pick him?"

"I just liked his name better than John McWilliams."

And that is why I am very thankful they don't let 6 yr olds vote!! We really don't need Obama being our new Prince.


Ang and Ben said...

Hahaha!! Love this story, that is so cute.

Jessica said...


Kim said...

That is funny. Alex & Emily voted last week,too. They put the candidates pictures up on the board, and picked A or B. So I guess they voted based on looks at their school. Ha Ha

Krista said...

That is cute!!!

Kelli said...

That is so cute! You're right though, that's why they don't let 6 year olds vote! Haha

Ang and Ben said...

That's funny that Justin has the same blue PJs as Mason, because I bought those for him! I can't wait to see little Justin, maybe Thanksgiving, we're still figuring out where we're going to be!