Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The First Day of School

Monday was the first day of school for Jonathan and Jessi. Jonathan started first grade at Roberts Elementary, and Jessi started pre-K at Just Kids Learning Center. Everything went fine and the kids seemed to enjoy their first day back at school. We are looking forward to an exciting year filled with fun and learning!!

Jase is adjusting to being home alone with Mommy. The first day the kids were gone he followed me around and whined all day! I think he was wondering what I had done with the other kids. Today I took him to the pool to swim for a couple of hours and that seemed to keep him distracted so he wasn't as fussy and clingy. I personally am not having any problem adjusting to the kids being back in school! I am trying to use the next few weeks to make the final preparations for Justin.

Waiting for the bus!

On the bus with Mrs. Stephanie, the same bus driver from last year.

Getting in the van to go to the first day of pre-K!

Big girl Jessi in her new classroom!

Jase enjoying some pizza last Friday night!

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