Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mmmmmm.... Watermelon!!

Friday nights have become our traditional family hang out night. We (Dewberry's, Arwood's, Kronenberger's) either go out to eat or go to someones house for dinner. This past Friday everyone came over here since I wasn't feeling well enough to make the trip to another house and the weather was nice so the kids could play out in the backyard. Dad bought a nice big watermelon for after dinner, and it was good!!! I will attach some pics of the other kids eating the watermelon, but Jase loved it soooo much that I had to give him his own post of pics! He was so cute eating it, and I think he had 3 slices! Look at those beautiful blue eyes!! He is growing so fast, and I can't believe he is about to be a big brother. I bet he won't be able to believe it either!!

While I was typing this post about how cute and sweet Baby Jase is, he pulled off his diaper and "relieved" himself on the carpet beside my chair!! The joys of motherhood!

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Krista said...

You forgot to mention that your sister took those precious photos!!!