Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Home Depot Picnic

OK, so I knew what I needed to do. Nate had a company picnic, you know, one of those "career" things that you can't miss. I knew what my role was as the wife of one of the managers. I have to look "together" and "supportive". I make sure that all the children are dressed nice and behave. I must "glow" with the joy of being part of creating a new life, even though it is 100 degrees in the middle of August. We would look like the picture perfect family. I knew what my job was, what I didn't take into account was the fact that my kidney would be backed up and I would be in the process of passing a 5mm kidney stone. I was up until 6am that Saturday morning (after taking 3 10mg lortab and an ambien) because the pain was so bad I could not sleep. We still managed to get the kids dressed, lecture them on the importance of good behavior, instruct them on how to respond when an adult introduced themselves, and get to the picnic on time. Of course the bathroom was across the parking lot from the pavilion. Being pregnant alone requires the need for a close bathroom, but when you have a kidney stone you feel like you have to go the the bathroom ALL the time. I think it was on my second trip across the hot parking lot and in pain to go to the bathroom that I thought I was going to faint. I had to stay in the bathroom with wet paper towels on my forehead and back of my neck for a few minutes, while trying to ignore the contractions that I had started having. But, we all made through the day and I was glad we went. Here are a few pics from the day.

Jessi, with her 5th snow cone of the day. I love this pic, its like there is nothing else in the world but Jessi and that snow cone!

Jonathan in the watermelon eating contest. He tried hard, but only made it through one piece in the 5 minute contest.

I always say you can tell how much fun you had by how dirty you got! She really did look cute when we got there, but within 10 minutes she had her hairbow out and was covered in sand. It just went downhill from there!

Nate in the watermelon eating contest being cheered on by Jonathan. Nate didn't win the contest, but he should have. He ate all his watermelon down to the rine, and the guy who won left a lot of "red" on his. As far as Jonathan was concerned his Daddy won!!

Me and Jase hanging out watching the kids jump in the "bouncy thang" (as Jessi calls it). Jase was so good, as usual. He just sat in his stroller most of the time and watched everything that was happening.

Lets hope that if there is another picnic next year that Nate wins the watermelon contest, oh and that I don't have a kidney stone!!

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Ang and Ben said...

Heather I love your little outfit! You look very cute, just like a manager's wife should look!