Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hydronephrosis, Kidney Stones, Blah Blah Blah . . .

So here we go again. At least this time I was 30 wks when the problems started and not 24 wks like I was with Jase. In the last 2 wks I have had one trip to the Women's Center at Kennestone with back pain and pelvic pain, two renal ultrasounds, both showing moderate hydronephrosis of the right kidney, several appts with OB and urology to monitor current state and discuss options, passed 2 lovely kidney stones, one 3mm and one 5mm, and made it to one very important company picnic! As far as the kidney stones go glad those are out and hope there are not anymore. Won't know for sure until after Justin is here and I can have a test with some radiation, either a CT or IVP.

Here is where we stand as of today. Urologist doesn't think the hydronephrosis was due the kidney stones. He thinks it is from a 4 pound baby sitting on the ureter and blocking the drainage of the kidney. Just like last time. He is open to managing this on a day to day basis for now. He said his concern will be the kidney, and when it has to be drained, then it has to be drained. We have agreed that the method of drainage will be the nephrostomy tube like I had last time. He does not even want to attempt the stent (the internal form of drainage) due to the last time that was attempted the ureter was perforated and this time the baby is already to big to expect that they would be able to get the stent placed. As for now I am using pain meds as needed and staying on my left side as much as possible to allow gravity to pull the baby off that ureter. This is getting more difficult because even on my left side I can feel little Justin pushing his foot up under my ribs on the right side, so he is just getting so big that I'm not sure how much staying on left side is helping. Right now I can make it to about 2 or 3 in the afternoon before taking any pain meds, so I think that is pretty good.

If things stay as they are I am pushing to make it to 37 wks before delivery. If the kidney starts acting up more I want to make it to at least 36 wks and have an amnio to test for lung maturity before we induce. I am 32 weeks now and things are not as bad as last time and we are just praying to get through the next few weeks. We will make it!!!!!


Brad & Erin said...

Hi Heather!! Thanks for the comment. We are sooo excited! So sorry to hear about your tough time :( We will keep you in our prayers. I will be at the shower, so see you then! :)

Allison said...

Oh no!! You poor thing! You know I can relate, but I was sooo hoping you'd be spared this time. I hope you're feeling better now. Big hugs, Heather!!