Saturday, November 8, 2008

Great day for Justin

I am back at the hospital after being gone last night and today for Jessi's party. Justin is doing great! He has been off the oxygen since 8:30 this morning! He had 2 low heart rate alarms early on but nothing since then. He stayed with Nana and slept good and ate really good. Then Granna came to stay for a while and he did the same for her. I am hoping he will sleep good tonight for mommy, and behave so we can get out of here! His IV did come out today so instead of trying to restart it the doctor ordered Rocephin shots for today and tomorrow. If all goes well we should be headed home tomorrow around 5 pm!! I am very excited, and I know if Justin could talk he would agree!

Now we just have to see how the next few months go. The doctor recommended that we not take Justin to any public places for at least a month. This includes shopping places and church. I also have to turn into a paranoid, germaphobic mom and say that no one who is sick is allowed to visit the house. I will also be standing guard over Justin with a bottle of hand sanitizer for anyone who wants to touch him. I know, it may sound excessive, but watch your baby stop breathing and struggle to take a breath and then we'll talk. I have never been one to sit at home, I like to get out of the house, but I guess I will have to adjust. The cold/flu/RSV season isn't really that long, right? Oh, who am I kidding? It's going to be a long boring winter. But I will gladly do it for my little Justin, it's a small price to pay.

Thanks to everyone that has been praying for Justin, again. Nate and I joked that he is such a dramatic little guy! I hope he's not one of those that whenever he doesn't get his way he holds his breath. We figure he is already competing with his big brother Jase. I can just hear him saying "Oh yeah, so you had 2 surgeries, well I stopped breathing. I can cause more problems than you can." Hopefully my two youngest will find something else to compete over as they get older. I'm thinking soccer or baseball is sounding good. Anyway, I know Justin has been on so many prayer lists all over the country since he has been born. I wish I could thank everyone personally, it just means so much to know that people care enough to offer up a prayer. I have no doubt that we have experienced the grace of God over the last 8 weeks, and pray that He continues to give us and Justin His covering and grace to get through the rest of the winter with no more illness. Thanks again! We love you all!

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Cindy said...

We've been praying for Justin! I sure hope he got to come home and that you all are not STILL at the hospital! Jesse is beautiful!! We hope she had a great birthday!

Love ya'll much!