Saturday, November 15, 2008

Here is our update . . .

I know, I know, I am way behind on my posts. After Justin got home last Sunday we have spent the past week trying to recover. I will give a quick update on the whole family!

Justin: doing good! Of course we are watching him very close and analyzing every little symptom. He has had some congestion with mild cough, not sure if this is left over from the first virus, or something new. He has to stay home most of the time. No crowds, and no sick people are allowed to visit. We are trying to keep the other kids out of his face as much as possible, especially since they can't seem to stay healthy! He has not had any alarms this week, except for one apnea alarm today. Nana was keeping him when it happened. He was asleep, but we are hoping maybe it was a false alarm. I plan to get a monitor download this week, so we will find out then. Justin has his 2 month check up on Wednesday!

This picture was of him getting a bath while in the hospital. He had an IV in his head so we put this little hat on him to help it stay in place. This was on Friday night before he went home on Sunday. You can see that he was feeling sooo much better!

Jase: getting into more and more trouble every day! My sweet, quiet little boy has turned into an active, almost 2 yr old tantrum throwing boy. His favorite thing to do is climb on top of the kitchen table while I am feeding Justin. He also has learned how to climb the baby gates I have all over the house. I'll be feeding Justin and all of a sudden I will hear little feet running around upstairs! Of course, he is usually just going to his room to get his paci and "ki-ki" (his silkie). And he has started the fall in the floor, screaming thing. It's really hard not to laugh! I want to get his "mean" look in a picture. He gives that look when he is getting in trouble, or when he just doesn't know what else to do. It is too funny!

Jase and Mommy!! He was making his "cheeeeeeessssseee" face. I can't even get the camera out of the bag without him making this face!
Jessi: had a great birthday! She had a lot of fun at her party with all her friends. Most of her presents were either princess/barbie or horses, which she loves!!!! She is getting sick again. She seems to keep a yucky nose the whole winter. She will be going for her 5 yr check up on Wed (same day as Justin) so we will see what the doctor says she needs. She is doing great in school. She loves to learn. The other day she wrote her numbers from 1 to 100 all by herself. She knows all her sight words from school and loves to write her letters. She is a sweet little girl and loves her family!

Jessi and Nana. We're still not sure who Jessi looks like. Any ideas?
Jonathan: is sick right now. He had a fever of 102 today and is complaining of a sore throat. He said he thinks he has "strap throat". I figure we will be going to the doctor on Monday. He just finished his soccer season and had his party today. The party was at a park and it was freezing!! We only stayed for about 45 minutes. Jonathan is doing great in school. He is reading more and more every day. He loves that he can sit down and read a book by himself. He got straight A's on his report card and made the honor roll. I had a hard time explaining to him what that was. He didn't understand how he was "on" the honor roll. When he found out it was just a list of names out in the hallway he was not impressed. He is a great big brother and loves his family!

Jonathan and Alex at Jessi's party.
Nate and I just do our best to keep up! I wish we had as much energy as the kids! We are so blessed! Now, we just have to keep the youngest Arwood out of the hospital.


Ang and Ben said...

Yay!!! I have been looking for an Arwood update! Only one alarm this week for Justin, great! And before I even saw the comment on the picture of Nana and Jessi I thought, oh my goodness they are twins! I do not believe that precious sweet Jase could throw any tantrums or be mean. And I love that Jonathan is diagnosing himself, and I'm not at all surprised that he's on the honor roll. He is one smart kid. I'm thinking he may need a vacation soon from all the stress of being a big brother though...

Allison said...

OK, just typed you a long note and then realized I was on Blake's laptop and didn't want the message to be sent as "Blake"... check your email, I'll re-type it all there. Love and hugs to you!!!