Friday, November 7, 2008

Trying to wean off of oxygen . . .

Justin had a pretty good day. Right now it is 1 am and we are trying a trial of him being off the oxygen. So far he is not cooperating. Within about 20 min of turning it off he started having long pauses in his breathing and his oxygen sats were dropping to around 84 - 85 %. So, we are giving him another 30 min or so to see if he will level out, but the doctor orders say that he has to maintain his oxygen sats above 92% so I think he will be going back on the oxygen soon. Maybe we will try again tomorrow when I'm not trying to sleep and the alarm is going off every few minutes. We also had trouble with his IV again tonight, but were finally able to get the midnight dose of antibiotics to work. If this IV goes out they are thinking about doing a PICC line, but I am really praying that we can either hold on to this IV or maybe find another vein that will work for just a few more days. I just feel like a PICC line is a little to invasive for just a few more days of antibiotics. I'll update again tomorrow, or today since it is technically already tomorrow. Sigh . . . I have got to get some sleep, I'm not making any sense!


Krista said...

Come on Justin, You can do it!
Put a little power to it!!

A little cheer for Justin~~

Ang and Ben said...

Another cheer for Justin!! You have a whole army praying for you. P.S. Heather I put him on our prayer list at our women's Bible Study this week, so see Justin, women in Nowhere, TN are praying for you, and we're a little closer to Heaven up here on these hills!