Friday, November 7, 2008

Not much change

I don't have any real new info to post on Justin today. He is still on oxygen. We tried a trial last night of taking him off the O2, and he didn't cooperate. He started threatening to have some true apnea spells by taking 10 - 15 sec pauses in breathing. His O2 sats, which stayed at 100% while on oxygen, began dipping in the 80's. So, back on the oxygen. Doctor said his body is just not ready yet to go without the oxygen, and we can't force him. Little Justin gets to call the shots, and right now he is saying he wants oxygen! So, oxygen he gets and mommy gets to stay at the hospital longer!

Tonight I am going home for some much needed sleep. Nana Sue is coming to stay with Justin through the night and Granna will come tomorrow to stay while I have Jessi's birthday party at Jump for Joey. I'll be back to my little man tomorrow night and hopefully he will be without the extra oxygen and behaving himself. Right now he wants to eat, so I will update tomorrow!

Keep Justin in your prayers!

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