Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Justin's Daily Update

Time for another update! Today Justin was moved to a room in the acute care unit. Basically that is a unit in between the ICU and the regular floor. He is still on oxygen with the high flow and is maintaining his oxygen well. He is on antibiotics and will be until Sunday night. The doctor said that the original lab work was suspicious for a bacterial infection and he responded so well to the antibiotics that she "doesn't have the guts" to take him off the antibiotics until at least a 7 day course is completed. He seems more alert today and doesn't seem to be as uncomfortable as he was before. We will soon start weaning off the oxygen and he will have to be off oxygen for 48 hrs with no apnea or drop in heart rate before he can go home. So little man, you have a lot of work to do!! He is eating well, and hopefully we can get back to breastfeeding in the next day or so. He was just too tired out earlier on to be able to breastfeed.

So, all in all, he is doing well. Now it is just a time thing to see how things progress. At the earliest we are looking at Monday for discharge, and that is if he behaves himself!! Come on Justin, I know you can do it!!

Here are a couple of pics. Even with the tubes/IV he is still sooo cute!
That is his IV in his head. Hopefully that one will hold up for a while, he doesn't have any good veins left!


Ang and Ben said...

Come on Justin! You can do it! And you are still so very cute, even in the middle of all those tubes :).

Krista said...

Come home soon Justin!!! Aunt Krista misses you!