Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Jessi Sue!!!

My baby girl turned 5!!! I can't believe she is 5 yrs old now. I remember when she was born, and the first thing I noticed was that cute little dimple in her cheek. She is the sweetest girl and loves to be mommy's helper and daddy's princess. She has no problem being the princess in a family full of boys and she also has no problem keeping them in line. I think Jonathan is actually scared of her! I posted a few pics of my favorite little girl in the world. She gets more beautiful every day! I dread her teen years. We have already told her she can't leave the house until she is 30, so I figure I have a good 25 yrs of her being my sweet baby girl!
Happy Birthday Princess, We love you!!!!


Krista said...

Happy Birthday Jessi!! Can't wait to have fun at your party at Jump for Joey's.

Ang and Ben said...

Happy birthday Jessi!!! I cannot believe you are five years old. You are one beautiful and sweet girl! We love you!

Kelli said...

Tell Jessi I said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love her and she is so beautiful! I can't believe she's 5 years old already. She's turning into such a big beautiful girl.