Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Baby has dropped and I'm Nesting!! Let the countdown begin. . .

I will be officially 35 wks on Saturday!! I am happy to say that I am "tube" free and most likely will stay that way for the remainder of the pregnancy. I had an appt with urologist yesterday and he said that the hydronephrosis has not worsened. The kidney, although still backed up, does not appear to be under too much stress and is showing no signs of any damage. He said keep doing what I am doing, which is basically using pain meds to control pain and staying on my left side as much as possible to help keep pressure off the kidney. I sleep all night on my left side and try to have at least 2 hrs in the middle of the day to lay on my left side. I can definitely tell that I have an increase in nausea if I don't spend enough time off my feet and on my side, the nausea is a symptom of the kidney getting to backed up.

I have an appt with the midwife (the one who delivered all 3 of my other kids) on Friday. We may go ahead and schedule an amnio for late next week or Monday the 15th just so we have it if we need it. If things are staying like they are I may cancel the amnio and just wait to at least 37 wks to deliver, since 37 wks is considered full term. Either way, the end is in sight!!

I can tell that Justin has dropped, less heartburn but more trips to the bathroom with that big head on my bladder. I have been nesting for the last couple of weeks and finally have everything ready. The crib, pack and play, bassinet are all set up. Clothes are washed and put away, and the hospital bag is mostly packed. We bought a new car seat and stroller this past weekend and as soon as that is put together we will have everything we need. Now we just wait for Justin to make his appearance!!

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