Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lunch with Nana

Today Jase got to have lunch at Nana's school for the first time! I had a doctors appt this morning and decided to stop by mom's school on the way home so that we could show Jase off since I think he has only been there once before. Well he did pretty good, even though he gave everyone his "look" that he has when someone he doesn't know talks to him. We went into the cafeteria to see someone and he could not stop looking at all the children eating. We decided to let him get a tray and eat a big boy lunch. He thought he was somebody big!! He didn't actually eat much, but he sure did have a good time!
I'm sitting at a big kid table!!
Look at me! I'm so big!

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Krista said...

I wish that we had pics of all the kids the first time they ate at Nana's school!