Monday, September 22, 2008

Maybe Tomorrow . . .

I feel like this is what I hear every time I go to see Justin. Hopefully tomorrow, if everything goes well tonight, he can go home tomorrow. I guess eventually they will be right. I am really hoping that tomorrow really will be the day that I get to bring him home. Tomorrow will be day 9 in the NICU.

He seemed well today. His jaundice level was down to 8 this morning so they took him off the lights. He is eating well, and he nursed twice while I was visiting today. He has not had anymore apnea episodes that caused a drop in heart rate. This is the main thing they are watching for now and said as long as he has no episodes between now and tomorrow that he can come home. I am praying that he has a quiet night, and that tonight is the last night he is away from home. Nate and I had our training on the monitor and CPR. I was a little emotional when having the training. It was very overwhelming thinking about having to do CPR on your own baby.

I will update tomorrow. Hopefully I will be posting pics of Justin coming home!

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Trinity Chapel 11:00 a.m. Discipleship Class said...

Hang in there, Heather! I am worried about Justin, but also concerned about my 34-year-old baby! You and Nate are doing great!!