Monday, September 8, 2008

First Soccer Game of the Season

This past Saturday was the first soccer game of the season. Jonathan is still on the wildcat team with Coach Jeff. He is now on the U7 league and this is a lot more like "real" soccer. They have a goalie, some kind of circle on the center of the field that has some rules, and if the ball goes out the kids have to throw it back in. As you can tell I really have no idea how the game of soccer works, I just like to watch Jonathan and Micah play. Anyway, we had no idea they were going into big time soccer now and we were not prepared, therefore did not prepare the boys. Because of rain, Labor Day and the coach being sick they only got in one practice before the first game. But, the kids did great! Jonathan needs to build up his confidence again but he overall had a good first game. Here are a few pics of the game.

I didn't post any pics of Micah. I figured Krista would want to do that so she couldn't say I stole one of the things she could blog about. She is such a blog slacker.


Jessica said... slacker...Lol

Ang and Ben said...

Ha ha ha!!!!

Krista said...

Blog slacker?!? ....OK maybe I am.