Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's a Minor Problem. . .

They promise it's just the way things go in the NICU. Justin was doing great. Feeding tube gone, IV tube gone, latched on and nursing. Up to 30 cc's at a feeding (1 ounce). Oxygen, respirations, and heart rate all looking good. We had almost forgotten that one brief incident of apnea he had a couple of days ago.

When I arrived at the NICU today his nurse relayed how he had not been as eager to eat, was very sleepy, and his jaundice reading had increased to 12. Well, I thought, jaundice does tend to make babies more lethargic--should begin to improve by tomorrow. As Justin fell asleep in my lap the the nurse begins watching the screen more intently as the beeping and screen activity increases--especially Justin's heart rate dropping into the 70's and once into the 50's while sleeping. The heart rate should be at least 100 at rest, and I would prefer closer to 120. While smiling and talking to me she snatched Justin from my lap and began a gentle rock and shake motion, and, of course, his heart rate returned to normal.

The nurse said Justin had tried that same trick with her a couple of time that morning, She began to paint the picture for me. . .a change from what we had thought. A septic workup will be done to check for any underlying infection that could be causing the problem. If he doesn't resume eating, the feeding tube will have to be reinserted. He will be put on an apnea/heart monitor which will come home with us. Nate and I will be trained on the monitor and in infant CPR. (It's been six years since my last CPR training.)

Needless to say, our Sunday discharge has been delayed. We are going back tonight and taking Jonathan and Jessi to see their baby brother. Jase is staying home with Papa.

Maybe by the middle of next week our whole family can be at home--apnea monitor and all.
My first pictures with no tubes!
Proud Nana!
I got moved to a big boy bed!!

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