Monday, September 22, 2008

A quick update

I am going to make this short, I am so tired! We visited Justin twice today, as usual. He is doing very well with his eating. His weight was down to 5 lb 9 oz tonight, but with the way he is eating I think it will be back up by tomorrow. He has been under the lights for his jaundice since last night. I expect those to be discontinued by tomorrow morning. Nate and I should be getting our CPR and monitor training sometime tomorrow. He has continued to have episodes of his O2 sats dropping while sleeping, but did not have any episodes of his heart rate dropping today. Every day is different and sometimes he may have days of his heart rate dropping several times and other days it may not happen at all. That is why he will be on the monitor and it will help decrease our anxiety somewhat, knowing that if his heart rate drops we will be alerted.

I am really hoping that we may get to bring him home tomorrow night, but we will have to wait until he is evaluated in the morning by the doctor. Please keep our whole family in your prayers. Jonathan and Jessi seem stressed and emotional right now. I think they are ready for things to get back to normal. Jase is a little confused but over all he is doing fine. The last 7 days have been very stressful, and we are all ready to have our family at home together! I'll let you know how things are looking tomorrow.

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