Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's Time!!!!!

Well, after a few days of some kind of weird "stomach pain" I woke this morning to definite contractions. A little embarrassing that it's my fourth baby and I still wasn't sure if it was labor or not! We got to the hospital around 1 and in a triage room by 2pm. I was contracting about every 2-3 minutes and it didn't take long before I was really feeling them. Had my water broken around 5 and got the epidural around 8:30. Right now I am feeling pretty good (obviously) and just hanging out until Justin arrives. We are hoping for before midnight, but not sure, he only has an hour and a half left to make that deadline. I will update with pictures in the morning! Send some prayers our way that he won't have any breathing issues, I am 36 wks and 1 day.
Thank God for epidurals!!


Jessica said...

Yes, epidurals are a gift from God. You look great. Hopefully you will start pushing soon. We will pray for strong lungs for baby Justin!

Ang and Ben said...

Heather, you are a blogging champion! Oh, and I just realized that I voted for September 12 as the day Justin was going to be born, which was the closest date of the choices! So what's my prize? Love and prayers for Baby Justin!