Monday, September 15, 2008

A small setback . . . .

Justin had a small setback this afternoon. After seeming to do well on room air this morning when we went back to see him around 4pm he was back up to 30% oxygen and his respiratory rate was back in the 70's to 80's, sometimes as high as 100's. I could see that he was working much harder to breath and he was very easily "stressed". Even Nate and I just talking while standing beside him would send his respiratory rate higher. We were only able to touch his hands, not rubbing his tummy or head like we had been able to do earlier. We decided to bring the kids in to meet their new baby brother. They were only able to see him for about 3 minutes each, but I got some pics of them with Justin. Because of the setbacks I will not get to hold him tonight as I had hoped. The nurse also told me that I should be planning on him not getting to come home when I do.

A few hours later . . .

I just got back from the NICU, and I got to hold Justin!! The nurse was getting ready to weigh him (he weighed 5 lb 14 oz) and then let me hold him for about an hour. I was so excited and he really seemed to enjoy it as well. During the time I was holding him the nurse was able to get him back down to almost room air again. His respiratory rate was still high, up to the 90's at times, but he just seemed more relaxed and happy to be with Mommy. I think it really helped him to calm down. I think I will be able to sleep better tonight since I got to spend some time with him. They still don't think he will be coming home until later this week, but at least I got something positive out of the day!!

I will update in the morning with how he does through the night. Thanks for the prayers, they are working!

Look at my new baby brother!!

Jessi loves her new baby!

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The Carswells said...

Congratulations! He is so precious. I am praying for him and for you right now. I hope things continue to improve quickly. Take care.