Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Justin is Chillin'

We think Justin is a little more relaxed--what do you think?

We visited him this afternoon and found out that the high-flow oxygen had been turned off since 10:00 a.m. this morning. His oxygen saturation's were 95-98%--the highest since birth (good). His respiration rate was consistently in the 40's--the lowest since birth (also good). The combination of these two stats leads everyone (all the nurses) to believe he has "turned the corner." Nate and I are even beginning to allow ourselves to believe the same. There is an obvious difference in his appearance, behavior, and his emotional state from 24 hours ago. He just seems to feel so much better.

After the trauma of being wheeled out of the hospital and spending a lonely night in my own emotional distress it was a happy relief, indeed, to see him doing so much better today. Because of his progress we were able to attempt his first oral feeding which he promptly refused. Since normal techniques to encourage feeding can't be used on him (unwrapping, sitting him up) he just had another tube feeding and was quite satisfied. If he continues on this path we may be looking at a weekend discharge.

My mom and I are going back tonight to be present for the 9:00 p.m. ordeal (diaper change, repositioning, and feeding). Check on us tomorrow!

Thanks for reading (and praying)!

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Ang and Ben said...

I've been checking Arwood Adventures all day, anxiously awaiting an update! I hope the next post will bring good news of Justin's homecoming! Love and prayers from Cousin Ang and Cousin Ben!