Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy 2 week Birthday Justin!!

Justin is two weeks old today. Wow, it seems like the longest two weeks of my life! It is almost just a blur of events. We are now adjusting to life at home with 4 children. So far, adding Justin to the mix has not been too much of an adjustment. The kids are doing great with Justin, even Sadie loves being around Justin.

The first two nights we had Justin home he had alarms. The first night was a low heart rate alarm, which is probably not too big a deal. The second night he had an apnea alarm, which means he did not breathe for 20 secs. As soon as the alarm went off we gently stimulated him and he quickly took a breath. His face was pale, but the color came back quickly. He has not had an alarm since then. We expect to have this monitor for 6 wks - 2 months at least. I am thankful we have it, and try not to dwell on what "could be."

Justin had his first dr. appt on Wed. He weighed 5 lb 11 oz and the doctor said he looked good. We went in Friday for a weight check and he was 5 lb 13 oz, so he gained about an ounce a day which is what they want to see. He will be going in 2 weeks for his one month check up.

Justin is eating well and getting stronger (and more vocal!) everyday. Please continue to pray that Justin will not have anymore apnea spells and that he will continue to gain weight. Thanks for all the prayers, we have definitely felt them at work!
Getting his first bath at home. Big Brother Jonathan watching as Nana bathed him. Justin was not to happy about the bath!
Justin and Papa's first picture together. This was also Papa's first time holding Justin! He didn't get to hold him before he was sent to the NICU.
Proud Big Brother Jase! He loves Justin and always wants to hold him.
Justin and cousin Malachi. They are almost 5 months apart. I am sure they will be best friends one day!

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Krista said...

I love the picture of Jase and Justin! It is too cute. I am so happy that my little nephew is home and doing so well. I love you all very much!!!