Thursday, September 18, 2008

Looking Good!!

Sorry this took so long to post! So, last Justin was having some issues with digesting his feedings. When I was there at 9 pm he had 9 cc of residual in his stomach from his 6 pm feeding, which was 8 cc. He also had a lot of air in his stomach. During the night his feeding were decreased to only 5 cc and he had an x-ray ordered for this morning of his stomach. I talked with the nurse this morning and his x-ray was normal and he tolerated his decreased feedings during the night. This was all good news. Sometimes the digestive system is just a little slow in getting started.

When I visited today they were going to up his feedings to 10 cc and increase by 2 cc every other feeding. At the same time they will decrease his IV rate by 2 cc every other feeding. If everything goes well he should be off IV fluids by tomorrow afternoon. When I last spoke with the nurse he had not had any residual from his last two feedings. Currently all of his feedings are being done through the tube, but hopefully we will be able to start with oral feedings tomorrow. He also had the cannula taken off, so we can finally see that cute face!! They took the feeding tube out of his mouth and put it in his nose since the cannula is now gone. He also had the IV taken out of his head and put into his arm. He looked so good when we saw him this morning. I put in some pics of him with his eyes open. If everything continues to improve he may get to come home this weekend. He is a touch jaundice, so pray that that will resolve quickly and not worsen. We are all very hopeful that by Sunday our little Justin will be home with his family. We appreciate all the prayers, keep them coming!!
Listening to my Daddy talk.
I look like my big brother Jonathan!
I look good without all those tubes!!


Krista said...

What a difference!!! He looks like he just decided he was ready to wake up! He does look like Jonathan, but he also has Jessi and Jase in him. What a cutie! I can not wait for him to come home so I can be his favorite Aunt Krista.

Jessica said...

Sweet little baby face! He looks like the baby of the family. Sweet boy.

Kim said...

Awesome! He is looking good. This is the first time I've seen the pictures good. Until now, I was only able to see picts on a tiny cell phone screen. Now that I'm home, I can see much better. Even though I had fun at Disney, I was dying to get back to see about ya'll.
He does look like Jonathan, with lighter hair. But, I think all 4 kids have similar eyes. Can't wait to hold him after he is home.